Friday, April 6, 2012

The deed is done, we are indeed married, and yes, it feels damn fine!
Well, to be honest, I am still adjusting to referring to myself as a "Mrs", and acknowledging that I actually have a husband...but I am so happy.  I catch myself smiling at random points during the day and looking forwards to rushing home from work to see his face.
Ok, ok...I will save the mush, you can push the sick buckets away!
We are awaiting the arrival of the official photos from the wedding, from the one and only phenomenal Michael Segal, however I do have some photos taken during our time back in LA that I would  love to share in the meantime.  Granted, they were taken on my iphone, but they do the trick for now.

 Gorgeous door at the Bahai Centre in LA
 Sunsets are so sweet
Peeshee, and her "come to me" eyes
The day we drove to Calamigos via the stomach churning route, with added hailstone
Dom and Willow draw together, whilst waiting for the sushi to arrive.
She is ridiculously gorgeous!
We finally met Bronte, in LA of all places!  So thrilled to meet her!
Dad sharing a few moments in Bronte's world.
Mum with Bronte
After spending what felt like a lifetime at the Camarillo outlet stores, Dom and Emily enjoy their first In N Out burgers!
Butter.  That's right.
love her!
Bobby's pillow of choice, when he sleeps at Baktash and Layli's place.  Sweet dreams.
The rehearsal brings with it the most glorious weather. 
Sharing a moment the night before the wedding, before eating the worst pizza in the world.
Before our trip to Napa, grabbing a late breakfast before we hit the 7 hour drive. 
This tree was so magnificent

Breakfast in Napa
Comics = serious business
Walking to the shops in the rain on the first day of the honeymoon...I loved it so.
We loved the Avia Napa

The perils of a self-timer, when trying to take photos of yourselves!  Time to buy a remote clicker.
Got it!

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