Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fiona and Bobby's Slideshow Video at Calamigos Ranch

A good friend of mine once said at his wedding, “anyone who knows me, knows what a long journey it’s been getting here.” As I waited with our photographer to see Fiona for the first time during our “first glimpse”, I thought of my life - of the journey that brought me this far and of the ones ahead. There is a reason why I chose to take this step and make this commitment so late in my life. There have been very few times in my life where I could point to an incident and know in my heart that it was God given. This was certainly no exception. I felt blessed for waiting as long as I did because in doing so, I found someone who understood my journey, who loves me fiercely and contributes to my life an infallible style of humor - the arrival of such a gift, at one point, felt so tardy in its promise.  At the end of our wedding night, in the remote hills of Malibu Canyon, as we hugged our last guests goodbye, I held Fiona’s hand as we followed the fairy lights that lit our way back to the parking lot.  In the silence of our walk, I remembered those words from my friend echoing through my head and I thought to myself,  “One night down.  Forever to go.”

I love you, Fi.

Enjoy the slideshow everyone.

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