Monday, April 15, 2013

The last few hours (in images) (Los Angeles)

As children, we are taught to love and honour our parents because they are our educators.  We don’t know what that means, but we obey and follow.  As we get older, we learn the value of what true love is.  Unconditional in its essence.  Pure in its form. 

I learn so much about life through observing others.  I know nothing about being a parent or how a parent must feel but I have learnt so much about the inexhaustible love that one son has for this mother and father, through watching a life through his eyes.  As his mother prepares food in a kitchen that is paved from love and hums under her breath as she does so, his father watches from the side as his wife does what she has done over the many years with nothing but perfection.  And then I see Bobby, watching his parents, laughing with his parents, adoring his parents.  He’s watching their every moment trying to remember these last few hours, so that he can wrap up the memories in the frailest of tissue paper and place them in a corner of his heart that is always yearning for his “home.”  We were to embark on our plane back to Sydney from LA, and even though the Sun shone brightly piercing the clouds, I knew and felt the heaviness in the hearts of those in that room, on that day, at that time.  The smell of food being prepared with adoration permeated the house, and the aged wood adorning the floors breathed their sighs with muffled heartache.  Being present in the home of a love so strong only humbles the strongest of observers.  I know not how they muster the energy to strive through the separation, but they do.  It’s here that you see unconditional love.  It’s dwelling in the heartbeat of every second of separation, and builds in intensity with each passing day.

I hope these images convey a story of the last few hours of our trip, before we embarked on our journey back to Sydney.  We will be back next year, and we look forward to our Sunday morning Skype sessions with these two radiant souls, but nothing surpasses being in the presence of those who make you smile from the depths of your being x

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  1. So so beautiful and your words resonate with me deeply <3 thank you for sharing.