Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kitchen By Mike

About a month ago, we took ourselves out on our usual Saturday journey around this great City, and decided to pop on through to Kitchen By Mike to see what all the hype had been about in recent weeks.  Rosebery is quite the eclectic suburb, just waiting for it's moment to throw off its rags and truly shine.  Kitchen By Mike is a little gem hidden amongst the industrial garments, and stepping into this faceless building feels like you are walking into a world that only Alice in Wonderland could discover. 
The queues are ridiculous, but if you can persevere you will be pleasantly surprised to treats that will take you back to the days of being in school and waiting for food that teases you and warms the spirit. 
The coffee here is delightful, by the way, and the barista on the day had the most uplifting of spirits...Thank you for making us laugh!
Here's a little visual odyssey of this place:

Even though it's later in the day, this place was still heaving with people

I absolutely love the raw nature of the interior.

Even indoors, it's so cold here in Sydney that we need that extra warmth

Table 6

This is where the coffee magic happens

Food being freshly prepared for the canteen style cafe

It's Mike's, and it's sour

Our delicious dishes

And let's not forget the star performer, that delicious brioche with prune slice.  so so good.
yes, that coffee

Be sustainable


For when the weather blesses us with warmth
And let's not forget this little fella, which sat patiently outside.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Socks

There are times when your friends do something small but it blows your world into something so much more magnificent. 
Coming home from work yesterday, I spied a little package resting gently against the outside of the front door.  Excitement flowed through me as I picked the unexpected visitor up and squish it within my hands.
This special package was from an extremely good, long-term friend of mine, who is consistently thinking of me and sending me the sweetest postcards from his travels, warming my days whenever they arrive.  Matty, you continue to astound me through the depths of your friendship.  You have always brought so much happiness into my life, through your unfaltering companionship, no matter what the distance.  Hearing your voice on the phone on the day of the wedding brought tears to my eyes, and seeing this package on my doorstep proved to me that you will forever humble me with your kindheartedness, pushing me to be a better friend to all those that I hold dear in my life.
Bobby and I we were so touched by this incredibly sweet gift, and they are keeping our twinkle toes warm as I write this.  I love you and Luc immensely, and I know that Bobby is equally as enamoured with you both as I am.
Now, I just have to keep my green socks safe, because I know Bobby has his eye on them too....!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Be the rabbit in this hat and surprise me with your promises that echo out of this revolving world of resistance.
Everything here is running out of time as we run towards something which is far out of mind.
And in the distance, that train hurtling forwards screams like a ghost train of memories, fighting to not be forgotten.
Call onto us from your merry-go-round and evolve us from this inertia.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ghosts live on film

Picking up film from the developers, and not knowing what magic is contained within it's canister is such an exciting feeling.  There might be that one photo in there, that's worth the sky-rocketing cost of developing.  I'm sat here, sifting through these images that I picked up, fighting off the sleep banging as the arches of my heels as 11pm edges closer to reality.   I leave you with these, with not much else to say, but "nothing is sweeter that the warm bed that awaits you."
(A mixture of 35mm and 120mm Ilford film)