Monday, December 31, 2012


To all our friends, family and fans out there, we have officially registered our business name and started the path towards getting our business off the ground. 
Fiona + Bobby Photography can also be viewed here:
However, this blog will remain our home for now, until we set up our Fiona + Bobby website.

As we close in on 2000 views for this past month alone, we wanted to thank you for the love and continuously stopping by to be taken on a journey through our images.

Much love,
Fiona + Bobby

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bowral Beckoned and Bloomed

For my birthday (back in September) Bobby took me to the Blue Mountains for two days of relaxation and fun, of which we still have not posted the photos!

For his birthday, I wanted to treat Bobby to a similar experience so I chose Bowral as our two day getaway location.  I had never been to Bowral, so this could have been a disaster waiting to happen.  My gamble paid off.  Bowral is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in NSW that I have been to in the past 11 years.  I felt as though we had driven 1.5 hours straight out of Australia to some other lush country which was plump with love and hospitality.  It's always a little worrying when you book a hotel that looks good on paper (web) but you just don't know exactly what you're getting yourself in for until you actually get there.  Gibraltar Hotel did not disappoint.  From the spacious rooms to the plush king-sized bed, to the heated indoor spa pool.  Delightful.

Biota Dining was one of the highlights of the trip.  Sustainable resourced food in such a tranquil setting, we truly were treated as special customers by the staff and especially our waiter, Mark.  We didn't feel we were at a restaurant per se, but rather dining at the house of someone who valued our thoughts and time.  Truly a fabulous location and I highly recommend anyone passing through Bowral to visit Biota Dining.

After what was almost 3 hours at the restaurant, I asked the waiter if there was a forest nearby that he could recommend for us to explore...and he quickly put to rest my idea of the Belanglo State Forest (I knew it sounded familiar when I saw it on the map!!  phew!)

We ended up at Penrose State Forest and couldn't have been more blown away with the magical surroundings.  I know that Bobby and I can't wait to take another trip down to Bowral and beyond to explore more of what it has to offer.

My wonderful husband, I hope you had a glorious intro to your first birthday in Australia.
Here are just a few frames from our time in The Shire x


Saturday, December 8, 2012

A day with the Hatami's

It's a hazy day, but you can still feel the warmth resonating from the Sun.  Even though you can't see it, you can feel it.  The fuzz and the warmth.  The love.  Resonating. 

The love encapsulated within the early stages of a family, growing with the intensity of an adoration which is surpassed by nothing else we can possibly fathom, has such a wonderful journey ahead of it.  You can see that love in the faces of the parents as they nurture the seeds of it to full bloom.

From the ring that Anisa wears as a birth gift for Jesse, to the donkey that Zane plays so affectionately with which used to be the same donkey that Ryan played with as a child.  The unity that plays out between the whispers of a parent and their children, it shines brighter than any light. 

From the moment Jesse was born, we knew we wanted to give Anisa and Ryan something that they would remember.  We wanted to capture a moment in their lives where the life with their orbs of light was immortalized, something for them to cherish in the years to come as Zane and Jesse sprout their own roots of stability.