Monday, October 22, 2012

Hatami Happy Time

A couple of months ago, Jesse graced the lives of Anisa, Ryan and Zane, and brought a greater happiness to all of those around him.  During these past couple months, Bobby and I have had such pleasure being around the Hatami's and their growing family and being amazed by the grace by which they are raising their children in this world.  We wanted to give them a gift that they would hopefully be able to cherish for many more years to come, as their two sons grow older and wiser, and shed the skins of their childhood.  Memories and images help keep those special moments alive.
There are many images to come, but I just wanted to share one of my favourite images from our time with them all today.  We were capturing a moment between Anisa, Ryan and Jesse when Zane came running up to us all with a little gift of bark for all to keep, and place within our pockets to preserve.
Such a fun day!

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