Friday, January 4, 2013

And so it goes...

Every day, we come home.
Every day, he reaches my hands and pulls at my limbs.
Every day, he re-charges my soul with a single hug that he bestows, that lasts so much longer.
Last night, I was driving upon the roads of reflection, wondering where our magical lives will lead us all.  The tiger within our soul will drive us to be fearless, but force us to face our unbearing struggles.
And when we stop mid-way through this journey and look back upon the road we have traveled, will we chose to see beauty within the stories of our palms, or will we live a life that is merely acceptable for those around us?
I know that I am here right now talking to you, because of him.  He is the ebb and flow of the breaths I take.

"And so it goes with God"...the beauty and majesty of this world around us exists within a single belief.

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