Tuesday, December 13, 2011

During my drive into the city today, and whilst talking to Bobby on the phone, he suggested that we make a blog called The Jon Joons (I shall leave it up to him to explain this little phrase) as a sort of running account of how we deal with being apart yet still work towards planning our wedding.  There are times it may be comical and there are times when it might be manic, but we anticipate that it will nevertheless keep our friends and loved ones up to date with the planning of our small wedding, including our mental running commentaries.
Never is there a dull moment with the Jon Joons.  Even a simple phone call to the other half, on the other side of the great ocean, is riddled with impromptu rapping and song.  
It's edging towards the stroke of midnight, and I guess there are two main people I want to give a shout out to, for being amazing during this organisation process, and who we cannot wait to share with you on our day.

One is Erin, who has been a integral part of our decision making factor of where to host this union.  She will be working with us very closely as the coordinator at Calamigos Ranch, in Malibu.  Bobby and I are literally pleased as pie at the wedding taking place at what is to me a magical place.  I can't think of anywhere else that would resonate as intimately to the kind of person I am, than this place.

The second is Michael Segal, who will be our wedding photographer on the day.  Bobby has been working very closely with Michael in the last several months, and they have fostered not only a great working relationship and understanding, but a great friendship out of it also.  His work is powerfully emotive, and I have no doubt that he will capture the droplets of love and fun which will pour from the hearts of all who are there.  

These two factors were key to the day of our union.  Being passionate about the environment, Calamigos slots into both of our personalities perfectly, from the 100 year old oak trees drizzled in fairy lights, to the ferris wheel and merry-go-round, to the geese running wild, and cow in the paddock.
And, as photographers passionate about images expressing what words sometimes cannot, we know that there would be nobody better than Michael to express this for us.

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