Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Missing

The weather here has been so cold as of late, and we find ourselves struggling to drag our bodies out of bed every morning.  There are times where I am on the train into work, wrapped up on woollen scarves and coats, and I am pretty certain that my brain is still snug as a bug wrapped up in our duvet.
I for one am truly missing family during these colder months.  Family in Perth is so greatly missed and yet on the other hand I am deeply missing my new family in California too.  The heart can be so torn, and in those silent moments of solitude, I hear their voices even louder than before.
Bobby feels the absence of family on a daily basis, but on the weekends the beating of wanting to be closer is all the louder.  We make choices and we stand by them, but it doesn’t mean that every day is battle free.
Kia and Lindsay recently sent over a little package from home of LaraBars, and Bobby and I think of them daily as we walk passed the bowl of goodies in the kitchen.  Rakshi joon also sent through some absolutely gorgeous old bronze bowls and urns to decorate the house with, along with the most luscious of hand weaved red and gold scarves which echoes the sentiments of the Iranian women who sewed a piece of their souls into it.
Missing.  Always missing something.

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