Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Socks

There are times when your friends do something small but it blows your world into something so much more magnificent. 
Coming home from work yesterday, I spied a little package resting gently against the outside of the front door.  Excitement flowed through me as I picked the unexpected visitor up and squish it within my hands.
This special package was from an extremely good, long-term friend of mine, who is consistently thinking of me and sending me the sweetest postcards from his travels, warming my days whenever they arrive.  Matty, you continue to astound me through the depths of your friendship.  You have always brought so much happiness into my life, through your unfaltering companionship, no matter what the distance.  Hearing your voice on the phone on the day of the wedding brought tears to my eyes, and seeing this package on my doorstep proved to me that you will forever humble me with your kindheartedness, pushing me to be a better friend to all those that I hold dear in my life.
Bobby and I we were so touched by this incredibly sweet gift, and they are keeping our twinkle toes warm as I write this.  I love you and Luc immensely, and I know that Bobby is equally as enamoured with you both as I am.
Now, I just have to keep my green socks safe, because I know Bobby has his eye on them too....!!

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